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Thank you for choosing our school to continue your child’s growth and development. 

All parents who want to support the religious principles and practices of the Catholic faith are eligible to apply to enrol their children at Henschke Catholic Primary School. 

Kindergarten applications for enrolments are accepted from the beginning of March each year. 

We also accept applications for the enrolment of students in Years 1–6. Limited spaces are available in some year levels. 

Enrolment Process

We invite you to apply using the links below.

Before you begin, download a copy of our ‘Enrolling at a Catholic Primary or Secondary School Overview’

This includes an overview of the process, links to online enrolment and a checklist to ensure that you have everything you need to submit your application.

For detailed support, please refer to the Help Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions and tips.

Please ensure you have scanned/photographed the following documents, as these must be uploaded in the online form:-

  • your child’s birth certificate
  • previous School Reports.
  • baptismal certificates (if you are of a Catholic background)
  • any visa/citizenship documents
  • For a complete checklist, view page 28 of the paper application form here

If you have any issues with the online enrolment process or you are unable to use the online form for any reason, please use the paper form or contact your school office for assistance.

Please Note: 

  • The capability for parents who live at a different address to their child to complete an online application is not currently available. These applicants should use the paper form – here
  • Enrolment interviews cannot proceed until all the necessary documentation is provided. The interview is not a guarantee of a placement at the school. 

2024 School Fees, Levies and Family Discounts

We have reviewed our school fees in accordance with recommendations from the Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga for increasing fees in line with inflation (approx. +5% across all Diocesan schools) to

ensure we can maintain and operate our school at a high standard, now and into the future.

As per recommendations from The Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga we have allocated 10% of

the Tuition Fee towards the introduction of a Resource Fee and have also introduced a Building Levy.

The Resource Fee has been introduced to cover a range of goods and services costs including resources such

as textbooks, exercise books, subscriptions and technology costs.

The Building Levy will contribute to our future capital works project for our new school and various other

building projects to ensure students enjoy the physical facilities to enhance their learning experience.

The Fees in 2024 for Henschke Catholic Primary School will be as follows:

  • Tuition Fee – $1,680.00 for the eldest child.
    • For families with multiple children attending CEDWW schools, both primary and secondary, we are maintaining the sibling discounts of 20% (2nd child), 50% (3rd child) and 90% (4th plus child).
  • Resource Fee – $190.00 per child
  • Building Levy – $100.00 per child

The sibling discount does not apply to the Resource Fee and Building Levy.

If you are currently paying your account in instalments and wish to continue this arrangement in 2024 you will need to complete a new School Fee Payment Agreement and increase your instalment amount as per your 2024 Fees.

The new Payment Agreement replaces the old Annual Payment Agreement and will no longer need to be completed on an annual basis, unless your circumstances change.

Fee Statements and the new School Fee Payment Agreement will be emailed to families in late January 2024.

If you would like to discuss your school fees, please contact our Finance Manager, Rebecca McDermott at our office on 69251870 or email: mcdermottr@ww.catholic.edu.au.